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Trust Us for Spay, Neuter and Other Pet Surgeries in Burnaby

You can depend on Metrotown Animal Hospital for modern and sterile pet surgeries in Burnaby. We can perform a variety of procedures, including spay and neuter. Animals are assessed by the surgeon prior to administration of the anaesthetic. Your pet's age, breed, and medical condition determine the anesthetic choice. We use isoflurane, an extremely safe anesthetic gas, as well as injectable anesthetic drugs, depending on the surgical situation.

A Doppler blood pressure monitor is used throughout the procedure. Animals are monitored closely during recovery, and our staff administers medications if necessary to ensure their comfort. We perform many routine procedures such as spaying and neutering, as well as a variety of other minor and major surgeries, contact us to know more.

New Patients Welcome

Print and fill out new patient forms at home.

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